Inviting or Receiving

Have you ever thought about the phrase “Inviting Jesus into our hearts” ?

All my life I’ve heard that to be saved we have to invite Jesus into our heart, I’ve said it many times, offered many invitations to invite Christ into your life to be your savior and be saved.

Through study of the bible and reading many commentaries and other books, I found something…or I guess I could say, I didn’t find something.

Nowhere in the bible do I see salvation measured by inviting Christ into anywhere. Multiple times I see people receiving His invitation. The disciples get an invitation to follow him, Zaccheus got invited to feed Jesus at his house, and Jesus invites us all to receive His invitation to eternal and abundant life.

The thing that we often turn a blind eye to is the obedience part that comes with following Him, with receiving that invitation. When we invite someone into our home, we are in charge of where they sit, what the eat, how hot or cold it is in the house, etc. and when we invite Christ into our lives, it gives us the same comfortability, that we are in charge, and He is our guest.

On the other hand, when we are invited to someone else’s house, we receive that invitation, and things are out of our control, we are treated with respect, but we are also expected to respect the rules of the house. Sometimes as a guest we are even surprised with the food and hospitality we receive, that we didn’t pay for. When we receive Christ’s invitation to follow Him, we are putting our lives, well being, and obedience in His hands, and even though we may have to be out of our element in some of the things He may ask us to do, the rewards and provision we will receive will be not only surprising, but free!


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