Wounding Words

Have you ever had those words or phrases, that no matter who says them, no matter how politely or with how much passion is behind them, they still sting.

Chances are if you’ve ever experienced that, those words are attached to some kind of wound from the past. The pain associated with it, like a physical wound, is an indicator that the wound is not fully healed.

Like a burn that is more sensitive to heat until it’s fully healed, many people live their lives, content to just stay away from the heat so to speak, or if they can, they’ll just endure the pain and deal with it. We never fully address our hurts, why, because addressing it may hurt! And at least the mild pain we feel every now and then is familiar. We’re scared of what the pain might feel like if we dig into the wound, so we just don’t.

There are many wounds in my personal life and church history that still hurt, and when someone says something, I tend to get upset with that person, not realizing that it doesn’t sting because I don’t like that person or they are being a jerk, but that I have a wound in me that’s not fully healed.
When I see “Christians” especially worship leaders, being narcissistic and promoting themselves, I get disgusted, and the God always brings it around to me, what is it about what’s said that affects a wound?
When I hear phrases like “life giving”, my wounds draw back and I realize that the abuses of that phrase, which have seemingly meant, fake and lacking authenticity for the sake of numbers, and it stings to me, three again is another wound I need to address.

Whatever it is for me, or for you, God says that he will give us beauty for ashes, and a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61) That scripture encourages me to seek healing for my wounds, and let Him bring the medicine that’s needed to heal me.


2 thoughts on “Wounding Words

  1. “life-giving” has become a joke in our house. But it is definitely because the wound is still there. It feels as fresh as it was many years ago. My problem, is that I have tried to go to God many times and ask for healing. To ask for forgiveness. Please God, help me forgive and forget…and yet…the words come back and haunt me. I don’t know how to overcome that time in my life…which i think speaks to just how damaging self-promotion can be. You don’t know how badly it affects people in your wake. And while we have tried to move on in a more positive environment, the wounds have yet to become full scars.

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