I think there are many times in life where we gain perspective. In actuality, the definition of perspective is seeing things from a different view, but because of that, having a better grasp of the place we are in.


Let’s face it, our world revolves around us, our worlds are limited and very small, if it doesn’t happen to me or close to me, I really don’t care much about it.


A few things have given me perspective over the past couple of weeks, one was a trip overseas to Cambodia. I saw a culture of people who were hurting, and had much less material things than we do. But I experienced a joy and peace from those people that we in American culture don’t tend to see very often.


Another was having a conversation with a little boy. I asked this little guy questions about baseball and life, listened to my wife ask him questions about how long he has been playing and what he liked best about it and what position he played. Then we asked how old he was, and when his birthday was. The shock of that question, was that he was only 3 weeks older than our son Ethan. There are those moments in your life as a parent of a special needs/developmentally delayed/ autistic/ down syndrome or whatever else your blank is, that sneak up on you and bring a grief that you forgot was inside of you. Whether it’s due to the busyness of your schedule, acceptance of your position or any other reason, you forget that that’s there…a silent pain, lingering around, waiting for a trigger to catch you by surprise.


I hear all the time that God gives special parents to special people and that God wont give you more than you can handle, and I agree with all that, but sometimes those statements, said in ignorance in the midst of pain can cause a parent to resent the person saying them.


I also know that there is a penalty for sin, and that is death, within death are included all types of situations and conditions that lead to death. The bottom line is that when you look at your situation by itself, it seems larger than life, but when you gain perspective on your situation, that it is one of many trials in our life, that are brought about, so that through it, we may bring glory to God, it starts to change things. Not immediately do things change…but gradually…over a period of time, the healing starts to come to the pains that you have, and the wounds become less and less painful, because God is a god of healing. But He is also a God that wants ever tree, person, cloud, animal and dust particle to speak to the glory of his coming Kingdom. And when that is the lens you view life through, THAT will give you a real perspective on everything in your life.


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