About Me

Hi, I’m Cory, who knows why you care to know about me, I’m not really important, but I know the one who is!

I am a man who is passionately in Love with Jesus Christ and in love with my family. My family and I live in Winnebago Illinois and I serve on staff as Campus pastor of the Winnebago Campus of Crossroads Church.  One of my lifes passions is to see people come to, not a saving knowledge, but a life transforming knowledge of Jesus Christ. We were meant for more on this earth than to just be saved.  I like beer, epic movies, cheese, hunting and being out in the woods. My wife and I married in 2002 and we have 2 boys, Ethan and Bryton. I hope this site challenges, and inspires you to grow seek the transforming power of the only one who can truly change your life!

John 3:30